apartment Lai
  • Location
    New Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area
  • Project Year
  • Project Leader
    Kuan Huan,Liu / Chun Ta,Tsao
  • Building materials

    以水泥質感為基礎調性,搭配黑色特殊漆面做成的空間量體,呈現多元的表現及層次,強調遊走空間中的人及物中的關係。 客廳結合餐廳的空間為屋主生活的中心,特此將中島輕食區及餐桌結合做為複合的使用外,更能增加與客人的互動,在內廚的區塊反而採用了木皮的牆面及不銹鋼的層架,增添空間中的溫度。 開放的空間中,利用櫃體或展示架的劃分出隱性的公私區域,減少厚實牆面的使用,並保持天花的延續性降低區隔感,並利用不同的玻璃維持光線的穿透及隱私上的控制。 對於長期出差的生活屋主,期盼的是回到家的放鬆及自在,偶而下廚招待朋友,生活是自己定義,空間當然也是代表自己的樣貌。

    Different from the common dweller structure and space layout, this project puts more stress on the detailed single-person life pattern and the open flow usage to meet the owner’s likes in life. The concrete texture serves as the basic tone, accompanied by the space made of the special black painting surface, to present the diverse performance and layers and emphasizing the relations between people and objects wandering in the space. The living room combining the space of the dining room becomes the center of the owner’s life. The kitchen island light meal area is combined with the dining table to increase the interaction with the guests. However, the inner area of the kitchen adopts the wall with wood veneer and the stainless steel shelves to add some space temperature. For the open space, the cabinets and display fixtures are applied to implicitly divide the public and private areas apart. The thick and solid walls are reduced. The extension of the ceiling is to lower a sense of separation. The different glasses are applied to maintain the light penetration and control over privacy. The owner who often goes on a long-term business trip expects to relax and feel free after getting home. Sometimes he can cook for friends at home. As one can always define his life, so does the space represent personality.