apartment Ou
  • Location
    Taipei, Taiwan
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  • Project Year
  • Project Leader
    Kuan Huan,Liu / Chun Ta,Tsao
  • Building materials



    The open kitchen is a requirement for many ideal homes. With the changes in eating habits in recent years, the low oil and low salt dishes correspond to the western arrangement more. But maybe the seniors in the family still keep the traditional cooking way. The cooking smells become the greatest flaw of the open kitchen. The iron pieces at the entrance extend to the kitchen, forming the structure of the sliding door. Through the both-side gearing sliding door, the effect of closing the kitchen is achieved. At the entrance, the non-transparent glass material functions as the blockage of sight. The rhythmic and arc division of the sliding door and screen connects the space of the entrance, dining room, and kitchen, composing the mass of the dotted line to enclose the green-gray kitchen utensils. The application of the material of stucco for the partition of the bedroom together with the classical details of the bookshelf and door leaf forms another solid mass. The contrast of the two different perspectives adds fun and layering to the public space. The choice of the materials starts from the integration of a sense of life. The simplicity of the stucco wall, the warmth of the wood floor, the retro style of the terrazzo as well as the new-classical delicacy showed on the ceiling and the iron pieces compose the elegant complex style.