apartment Tu
  • Location
    Taipei, Taiwan
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  • Project Year
  • Project Leader
    Kuan Huan,Liu / Chun Ta,Tsao
  • Building materials

    一個隱身於巷弄間的民宅正同時扮演滿足老饕的秘密餐館,也是廚師的料理實驗室。我們試著在居住空間裡融合了放鬆自在的招待場所,在這樣的飲食環境下,饕客能慢慢享用美食,細細品嘗天然食材最上乘的美味,並同時感受空間帶來的溫暖。 住家空間中也可細分為公共及私密領域,普遍地說,客廳和餐廳是家中招待客人的公共領域,我們將這部份的比例放大,前方利用原有樑位包覆優美弧線造形,並藉由拉門的關闔創造流動的招待區,一邊能達到完全隱私,而另一半則能直接欣賞主廚的料理過程。前方最大面積的開口能讓自然光線引進至最內部的空間,且透過前院的天井帶給地下空間良好的光線及通風。空間裡使用木頭、水泥及多處留白,搭配原木或北歐家具呈現舒服不造作的質感,而不鏽鋼開放式廚房的對比性更成為此招待空間中的表演主角。 後方的私密領域藉由庭院的安排,讓浴室及臥房都能享受植物綠蔭的療癒,天窗及玻璃磚的不透明能帶來自然柔光及最大隱私,讓主人在居家工作之餘仍保有隨性慵懶的休憩處。

    Everyone has a secret base in childhood. It is a corner that no one knows, where you can daydream or plan for the next prank.

    A house hidden in alleys and lanes plays the roles of the secret restaurant meeting the needs of epicures and of the cooking laboratory of the chef at the same time. We try to integrate the relaxing and carefree reception space in the residence. In such dining environment, the epicures can slowly enjoy the delicacies, carefully relishing the supreme taste of the natural ingredients and at the same time feel the warmth brought by the space.
    The living space can also be divided into the public and private areas. Generally speaking, the living room and dining room belong to the public area receiving the guests. We enlarge the ratio of this area. On the front, the original beam is used to cover the beautiful arc style. The sliding doors can be closed to create the flexible reception area. On the one side, the complete privacy can be achieved. On the other side, the chef’s cooking process can be watched. The largest front opening introduces the natural light to the innermost space. The courtyard in the front garden brings the good lighting and ventilation to the underground space. In the space, the wood, cement, and several blanks accompanied by the wood or scandinavian style furniture present the comfortable and unadorned texture, making the stainless steel open kitchen of the contrasting style become the leading role of the reception space.
    Through the arrangement of the garden, the bathroom and bedroom of the private area on the back can both enjoy the healing atmosphere of greenness. The opacity of the roof window and glass bricks leads to the natural soft light and most privacy for the owner to have a casual and lazy leisure area after work at home.