Apartment Tsao
  • Location
    Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area
  • Project Year
  • Project Leader
    Chun Ta,Tsao / Kuan Huan,Liu
  • Building materials


    We like anti-order axis arrangement, because axis is the beginning of un-freedom.

    If we do spatial arrangement with framed thinking at the beginning of planning, it only results into tedious and expected configuration. It is totally different from the diverse living style of the owner. We finish this co-design through freedom of thought.

    At the entrance, the inclined floor, ceiling and wall defines entrance area, snack area and private area of the long space. The inclined surface comes from the self-discipline it brought from a long and narrow space. The inclined design is hoped to release the space axis. We cut the inclined space into internal and external area to add spatial levels, and change the direction of dimension through reflexing. In this way, the wall becomes more interesting.